How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton Bow 15

Step 15: Draw a series of small diamonds across the initial line above the bow for the bow's string. A big part of the string will be hidden behind the arm, so only draw the visible portion.

How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton Bow 16

Step 16: Everything in Minecraft is made up of blocks, so add a few angled lines to the right of the bow to make the shape blockier and three-dimensional. The string at the top becomes a series of tiny blocks on their side. The bow at the bottom becomes slightly thicker.

How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton Bow 17

Step 17: Use the square under the head as a guide to draw the Skeleton's chest and ribs. Add an angled shape under the head. Follow the path of the sides of the guide as you indent the shape to create ribs. Follow the path at the bottom too but indent the middle part a bit too.

How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton Bow 18

Step 18: Just like with the bow, add a series of angled lines on the left side of the chest shape to make it thicker and more three-dimensional. Don't draw the angled lines too long or the shape will be too thick. At the bottom draw two small squares.

How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton Bow 19

Step 19: Darken the line in the middle to create the Skeleton's spine. Add more lines on the side to make the spine thicker. Add a line at the top for the part of the spine that's peeking through the chest shape. Darken the initial rectangle for the pelvis but don't overlap the bow. Add some lines above the shape to make the pelvis thicker and more three-dimensional.

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