Draw Superman Full Body 15

Step 15: Draw the Superman symbol by first drawing a horizontal line near the top of the chest. Then draw a shorter diagonal line that points out, on either end of the first line. Connect the diagonal lines using a wide V- shaped line at the bottom. The bottom point should come out of the initial oval a bit.


Draw Superman Full Body 16

Step 16: Now draw the top part of the S inside Superman's shield using a few curved lines. First draw a thin rectangular shape on the left side of the shield that's parallel to the short diagonal line. Now draw a couple of angled lines on the right side of the shield. Then add a long oval- like curved line in the middle of the shield. Leave enough room at the bottom for the rest of the S. This shape is a bit tricky, so please PAUSE the video as you draw along to get it tight.

Draw Superman Full Body 17

Step 17: Draw the rest of the S in the shield by first drawing a small triangle at the top. Now draw the odd shape for the bottom part of the S that consists of curved lines. Again this shape is weird, so please pause the video to get it right. Essentially the S is attached to the outer edges of Superman's shield. Add another small triangle at the bottom to finish the negative space that forms the S inside the shield.


Draw Superman Full Body 18

Step 18: Use the initial oval under Superman's head as a guide to draw the upper part of the torso. First darken the neck lines. For the collarbones, draw two horizontal lines below the neck that are slightly tilted. Add two smaller lines directly under the head for the neck muscles. Draw Superman's chest by darkening the bottom edge of the initial oval using angled lines and a line across the middle of the S. It's okay to draw directly over the S symbol. It helps define the pectoral muscles.

Draw Superman Full Body 19

Step 19: Use the initial oval shape as a guide to draw the top part of Superman's cape. The lines for the top of the cape should start at the collarbone and curve over the initial oval shape. Add a few lines inside the shape for the creases on the cape's cloth. Draw the top of the cape on the right side the same way. Start at the base of the collarbone, then curve the lines over the shoulder and neck.

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