Draw Superman Full Body 10

Step 10: Draw Superman's nose under the lower edge of the initial circle. First draw a line that's similar to a wide letter V for the bottom part of the nose. Add a small line on each side for the sides of the nose and one in the middle for the tip. Feel free to change things on your drawing, like making the nose narrower or higher up. Play around with it. Add two lines near the top, near the eyes, for the bridge of Superman's nose.


Draw Superman Full Body 11

Step 11: Draw a long horizonal line under the nose for the mouth. You can make the top lip thicker by making the line thicker if you'd like. Draw a shorter line below to represent the bottom lip.

Draw Superman Full Body 12

Step 12: Draw the front part of Superman's hair using a series of curved lines. First draw an S- shaped line near the middle for the classic curl. Draw a curved line on the left to make the curl thicker. Add more curved lines on the left for the hairline. Draw a longer curved line on the right side of the curl for the other side of the hairline. Now draw a slightly curved vertical line on either side of the head for the sides of the hair. Use the initial lines as guides.


Draw Superman Full Body 13

Step 13: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the top part of Superman's hair. Follow the basic path of the circle but make the line more angled as you darken it. The lines should end on a point on either side of the head to create the sideburns.

Draw Superman Full Body 14

Step 14: Use the initial U-shaped line as a guide to draw Superman's jaw and chin. Follow the basic path of the guide but make the shape more angular to emphasize the cheekbones and jawline. Make the chin flatter too and add a curved line on either side of the head for the ears. The curved lines should be close to the head. If they curve outward too much, Supes will end up with big ears.

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