Draw Superman Full Body 6

Step 6: Under the torso, on the left side, draw a really long U-shaped arc as a guide for the top part of the leg. Superman is a tall character, so don't draw these guides too short. Draw another long U-shaped line on the right for the other leg. This guide should be a little more tilted. Under each leg, draw a small circle as a guide for Superman's knees.


Draw Superman Full Body 7

Step 7: Under the circle on the left, draw another U-shaped line as a guide for Superman's calf muscle. Draw an even smaller, thinner arc underneath as a guide for the lowest part of the leg. Using a series of angled lines, draw the guide for the foot at the bottom of the leg. Under the circle on the right, draw another curved line for the bottom part of the leg. This line should tilt behind the first leg. Now draw the guide for the other foot using more angled lines. The feet should point down to show that Superman is floating.

Draw Superman Full Body Sketch

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more finished drawing.


Draw Superman Full Body 8

Step 8: Near the middle of the entire head shape, draw two thick lines for Superman's eyebrows. The outer edges of the eyebrows should touch the lower edge of the main circle. The inner edges should be very close to the vertical line. Sketch lightly at first, then darken the lines when you get the placement and shapes right. Shade in the eyebrows. The final shape should be similar to an upside- down check mark.

Draw Superman Full Body 9

Step 9: Draw Superman's eyes under the eyebrows by first drawing a curved line near the outer edges for the sides of the eyes. Then draw a half- circle under the middle section of the eyebrows for the irises. Add the inner edge of the eyes as small curved lines near the middle. You can omit the lower edge of the eye or add it. It depends on personal style. Add a line below each eye for more character.

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