Draw Kylo Ren Star Wars 16

Step 16: Draw a few more angles lines on the sides of Kylo Ren's helmet to finish off the metallic section. The shapes are very similar to puzzle pieces. Use the image above for further reference.


Draw Kylo Ren Star Wars 17

Step 17: Add another metallic row above Kylo Ren's eyes using a couple of curved lines. These lines are thin, so make sure your pencil is sharp so that your lines are parallel to each other and not overlapping.


Draw Kylo Ren Star Wars 18

Step 18: Draw another metallic row above the one you just drew. This row, however, will have its sides coming down either side of Kylo Ren's helmet.


Draw Kylo Ren Star Wars 19

Step 19: Add the final metallic row on Kylo Ren's helmet using a couple of curved lines. Take your time as you draw these lines because it's easy to make them too far apart or make the overlap. Draw them lightly at first and when you're sure you got them right, darken them. Be patient, young padawans.


Draw Kylo Ren Star Wars 20

Step 20: On either side of the head, draw a small arc to indicate the lower edge of the helmet. Kylo Ren's helmet is very similar to his grandfather Darth Vader's helmet, only smaller. Add a couple of lines on the top right side of the helmet for extra detail.

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