How to Draw Red Rose 11

Step 11: Draw a long, wavy line on the lower right side for the inner edge of the next petal. This line starts way at the bottom, then moves up and curves to the left before curving upward again. The length of the line at the bottom will determine how long the base or cup of the rose will be. Now draw another curved line on the top, left side for the top edge of the flower petal. Give this line a bit of a point near the middle for extra detail on the petal.


How to Draw Red Rose 12

Step 12: Add the last rose flower petal by first drawing a short, curved line on the lower right side. Now add a curved line on the right side with a little spike in the middle like the previous petal.

How to Draw Red Rose 13

Step 13: Draw a long, curved line to create the cup-like sides and bottom of the rose. This line should be similar to a very big, slightly tilted letter U. At the top, draw another curved line with a pointed tip in the middle for a petal peeking from behind.


How to Draw Red Rose 14

Step 14: At the bottom of the rose , draw two wavy lines that come to a point for the green leaf-like bit called a sepal.


How to Draw Red Rose 15

Step 15: On the sides of the rose, at the bottom, draw two more sepals using wavy lines. Don't draw the sepals too long. You can also skip them altogether if you'd like.

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