How to Draw Red Rose 6

Step 6: Add a hidden heart in the rose by drawing a long curved line on the left side. This will be the left half of the heart shape. Sketch the petal/left side of the heart lightly at first so that you get the shape right.


How to Draw Red Rose 7

Step 7: Now draw the next rose petal/right side of the heart as a curved line on the the right. The sides of a heart basically consist of a curved line at the top and a diagonal line at the bottom.

How to Draw Red Rose 8

Step 8: Add a couple of lines on the sides of the heart shape to make them look more like rose petals.


How to Draw Red Rose 9

Step 9: Draw a wavy line on the left side for the next flower petal. This line shouldn't curve too much. It should almost be straight but just slightly wavy. Add another line that starts at the left side of the heart and curves down to complete the folded petal.


How to Draw Red Rose 10

Step 10: Draw another slightly wavy line on the lower, right side that closes off the previous shapes at the bottom. Add a curved line to the right for the top edge of the rose petal.

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