Draw Spider-Man Body 6

Step 6: Draw a pentagon-like shape under the midsection for the lowest part of Spider-Man's torso. Draw two short vertical lines for the sides, then add a wide V-shaped line at the bottom.


Draw Spider-Man Body 7

Step 7: Draw the top parts of Spider-Man's arms using a series of shapes. First draw a half- circle on either side of the torso, at the top, as guides for the shoulders. Then draw a U-shaped line under each half- cirlce as guides for the middle parts of the arms or biceps. You can make these shapes bigger but remember that Spider-Man is one of the leaner characters.

Draw Spider-Man Body 8

Step 8: Now draw the guides for the bottom parts of Spider-Man's arms using more shapes and lines. First draw a smal l oval on each side for the top part of the forearm. Then draw the lower halves of the forearms as rectangle-like shapes that are level with the bottom of the torso. Now add a small circle on the end of each arm as guides for the fists.


Draw Spider-Man Body 9

Step 9: Draw the guides for the top parts of the legs by first drawing two long U-shaped lines under the torso. You can make the guides for Spider-Man's legs longer but don't make them too long because Peter Parker is pretty average in height. The U-shaped line on the right should be a little wider than the one on the left because of the perspective. Under each U- shaped line, draw a small circle as guides for the knees.

Draw Spider-Man Body 10

Step 10: Now draw the guides for the bottom parts of the legs and feet using more shapes and lines. First draw a small U-shaped line under each knee for the calf muscles. Under each U- shaped line, draw a two vertical lines for the lower part of the legs. Draw a triangle- like shape on the bottom of the leg as a guide for the foot pointing outward. The guide for the other foot is made up of two vertical lines and a short horizontal line because the foot will be pointing forward.

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