How to Draw Mickey Mouse  Christmas Santa Claus 15

Step 15: Use the initial line at the top as a guide to draw the rest of Christmas Mickey's Santa hat. Darken the guide to create the top of the hat but don't overlap the fluffy base at the bottom. Lightly sketch a small circle around the bottom tip of the Santa hat for the pom pom. When you get the shape right, darken the pom pom using curved and angled lines for a fluffy texture.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse  Christmas Santa Claus 16

Step 16: At the very top of the Santa hat, draw a curved line for the part of Mickey Mouse's ear that's peeking from behind. The line should be similar to a half-oval. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape right. On the right side of the hat, draw another half-oval-like shape for the visible part of Mickey's other ear.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse  Christmas Santa Claus 17

Step 17: Use the small circle inside the body as a guide to draw Christmas Mickey's first hand. To create the hand, first darken the edge of the circle except for the left side. Along the left edge of the circle, draw the shorter, curved lines for the folded fingers. Inside the shape, draw three short lines for the detail on Mickey's gloves.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse  Christmas Santa Claus 18

Step 18: To the right of the hand, lightly sketch a small, rectangular shape for the coat's sleeve cuff. Darken the shape with angled lines for the fluffy texture. Inside, add a few lines for the sleeve's opening. Darken the line on the right for the rest of Mickey Mouse's arm. Make the bottom edge of the arm lower than the guide.

How to Draw Mickey Mouse  Christmas Santa Claus 19

Step 19: Under the hand, draw a couple of lines for the top part of Christmas Mickey's Santa bag. Add a couple of ovals at the bottom for the bag's opening and a line for a crease. To the left of the hand, draw a small rectangle for the belt on the coat. Keep the belt inside the body. Inside the shape, draw Mickey Mouse's belt buckle using a series of short lines.

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