Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 25

Step 25: Use the lines under the body as guides to draw Judy's legs. Draw a small triangle with rounded corners about halfway on the guide for the knee pads. Add the sides of the left pant leg by drawing vertical lines that follow the path of the guide. The top of the pant leg should be wide, and the bottom should be very narrow.

Now draw the left side of the right pant leg as a long vertical line. Add Judy's knee pad about halfway up the guides as a small triangle with rounded corners. Finish the right leg by drawing a curved line on the top, right side for the hip.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 26

Step 26: Draw a small rectangle-like shape right under the pant leg for the rolled up cuff. Use the half-oval as a guide to draw Judy Hopps' foot. Follow the basic path of the shape to create the foot. Draw a couple of curved lines on the left side for the toes and a curved line in the middle for the foot sleeve.

Draw Judy's foot on the right the same way. First draw the pant cuff as a rectangle-like shape. Darken the shape of the half-oval to create the foot sleeve and draw two short, curved lines at the front to separate the three toes.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 27

Step 27: For a more finished inked look, carefully go over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 28

Step 28: After inking, get rid of every pencil mark with an eraser for a cleaner drawing.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia

Final Step: Color your drawing of Judy Hopps from Zootopia using color pencils, markers or even crayons! Use black for the tips of Judy's ears and eyebrows. Color the fur gray but leave the section around the eyes and mouth blank. As you color the gray fur, use quick, short strokes for a furry texture. You can also separate each individual stroke more to let the white of the paper come through to further emphasize the fur. Continue adding the gray but don't forget to leave the section around the mouth blank.

Use pink for the inside section of Judy's ears and nose. Add dark red to the inside of the mouth. Color the eyes, vest and pants dark blue. Add the color lightly at first, then build up to the level that you like. To give the figure more dimension, the middle part of the body should be darker, while the sides should be lighter. Use black for the wrist covers, the pant cuffs, the foot sleeves and the belt. Color the fur on top of the foot gray, along with the knee pads and belt buckle. Use a lighter blue for the rest of Judy's shirt and add some light blue on her eyes too. Color the badge light brown or yellow.

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