Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 10

Step 10: Draw a thin, long shape above each eye for the eyebrows. The shape of the eyebrows is made up of individual hairs, so use quick, short strokes as you draw them. Judy Hopps' eyebrows should be placed near the inner edge of the initial circle. Follow the curvature of the circle as you draw them.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 11

Step 11: Draw Judy's nose under the horizontal construction line. Start with a wavy line for the top of the nose. Then draw two diagonal lines underneath for the bottom part of the nose. The end result should be similar to a triangle. Add a curved line inside the nose, on each side, for the nostrils. Draw a curved line made up of quick, short strokes above the nose for the fur found there.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 12

Step 12: Draw two curved lines under the nose for the top part of Judy Hopps' mouth. The lines should start out on the sides, then curve up in the middle, below the nose, where the vertical construction line is.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 13

Step 13: Draw a longer curved line under the top lip for the bottom part of the mouth. Add a smaller curved line inside the mouth, attached to the top lip , for Judy's front teeth. Draw a line through the middle to separate the teeth.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 14

Step 14: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the shape of Judy Hopps' head. Use quick, short strokes as you follow the basic path of the circle to create a furry texture. Extend the left side of the head outside of the circle to create the shape of the cheek.

The line should extend toward the bottom to create the neck. The top, right side of Judy's head should be narrow, while the bottom should extend out again to create the other cheek. Don't forget to use quick, short strokes as you draw the shape of the head to get a furry texture.

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