Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 6

Step 6: Draw a line similar to the letter V as a guide for the arm on the left. Add a small circle on the tip of the line as a guide for Judy Hopps' hand. Now draw an angled line similar to a greater-than sign (>) as a guide for the arm on the right. Add a small half-circle on the end of the line as a guide for the other hand.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 7

Step 7: Draw two long lines under the body as guides for Judy's legs. These lines should be almost as long as the entire body , and they should be slanted a bit. At the end of each line, draw a half-oval as a guide for the feet. The foot on the right will be facing forward, so that half-oval should be narrower.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia Sketch

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more finished drawing.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 8

Step 8: Lightly sketch the eyes inside the head. Use the construction lines to help with placement. Judy's eyes should be right above the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical line. The shape of the eyes should be simlar to an egg. The eye on the left should be a bit smaller because of perspective.

When you get the shape and placement of Judy Hopps' eyes right, darken the lines. Make the lines thicker as well as making them darker. Add a series of quick, short strokes above each eye to represent the eyelashes. There should be little spacing between the lines to give the appearance of fuller eyelashes.

Darken the shape of the eye on the right too and add the eyelashes. Don't draw any eyelashes in the bottom part of the eyes. Just make the lines thicker. Draw a small curved line above each eye for Judy's eyelids.


Draw Judy Hopps Zootopia 9

Step 9: Draw a small curved line inside the eye on the left for the iris. Draw a circle inside the eye on the right for the other iris. Inside each iris, near the top left side, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. In the middle of each iris, draw a bigger circle and shade it in for Judy's pupils. Draw the pupils small at first, then expand them to the size that you want them.

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