Draw Dipper Pines Step 16

Step 16: Use the original circle shape as a guide to draw Dipper Pines' face. Darken the C-shaped line on the left side of his face for his ear.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 17

Step 17: Draw Dipper Pines' hair under his cap using a series of curved lines. Draw a couple of arcs directly under his bill, a couple to the right of his ear and three big ones to the left of his ear for the back of his hair.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 18

Step 18: Draw the arm on the right side by using the initial line as a guide. Follow the path of the line as you make Dipper Pines' arm thicker. Draw a few curved lines at the end of the circle for his fingers and thumb. Draw a line near the base of his arm for his shirtsleeve.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 19

Step 19: Draw the rest of Dipper Pines' torso between the flaps of his vest. Draw a line a curved line at the top and bottom for the shirt. Right under Dipper Pines' shirt, draw his shorts by using the bottom part of the rectangle as a guide.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 20

Step 20: Use the curved line on the left side as a guide to draw the left leg. Follow the path of the line as you thicken up Dipper Pines' leg. Draw a couple of lines inside the leg for his sock. Use the oval underneath as a guide to draw his shoe. Make the bottom of the oval flatter for the soles of his shoe. Use the image above for further reference.

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