Draw Dipper Pines Step 11

Step 11: Darken the edges of Dipper Pines' eyes. Draw two small dots inside each eye for his pupils. Draw a line over the right eye for his eyebrow. Don't draw the other eyebrow, as it will be blocked with the bill of his cap. Draw a line under the left eye for extra detail.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 12

Step 12: Draw the first part of Dipper Pines' cap by darkening the top part. Make it curvier on top. Draw the bottom part of the cap that extends and connects to the bill. The bottom portion of the bill ends next to the right eye.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 13

Step 13: Draw a small oval at the top of Dipper Pines' cap. Draw a curved vertical line inside the cap that continues to the below and to the right to form the extra flap of the bill. Inside the cap on the right side, draw a small pine tree shape.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 14

Step 14: Draw the arm on the left side by using the initial line as a guide. Follow the path of the line as you make Dipper Pines' arm thicker. Draw a few curved lines at the end of the circle for his fingers. Draw a line near the top for his shirtsleeve.


Draw Dipper Pines Step 15

Step 15: Use the rectangle as a guide to draw Dipper Pines' vest. The vest consists of two curved, rectangle-like shapes on either side of his torso. The shape on the left goes around the left arm. The shape on the right is thinner and smaller.

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