Draw Crow Hogan Step 11

Step 11: Now draw in the shapes on Crow Hogan's face. Draw a big M shape above his eyebrows and a dot to the top left of it. On the outer lower corner of his eyes, draw in the shape of the bottom part of a triangle. Below those shapes on his cheeks, draw a thick zigzag line.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 12

Step 12: Now using the original circle as a guide, draw in Crow Hogan's headband. Draw a curve that follows the original circle that extends to behind his ears. Then draw another curve above that. Connect the ends of those two curves with a line tilting in toward his head. Then draw in a few lines on the lower part of this manga character's headband for detail.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 13

Step 13: Draw a couple of C-shaped curves on the left side of the headband to represent the rings Crow Hogan has dangling from it.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 14

Step 14: His hair is a bit tricky, so this section about how to draw Crow Hogan's hair is broken down in two parts. His hair is essentially a series of curved pointy triangles above his headband. Draw about 10 tufts of hair on the left side of the head. Give Crow Hogan several bunches of lines that extend upward from the top of the headband to simulate his hair.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 15

Step 15: Draw the other half of Crow Hogan's hair using 10 more curved pointy triangles, and also draw more lines above the headband.

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