Draw Crow Hogan Step 6

Step 6: Darken the shapes of Crow Hogan's eyes, and draw the lines thicker on the top and sides to simulate eyelashes. Draw two circles inside of Crow Hogan's eyes for his irises, and draw a thick dot in the middle of the irises for his pupils. On the corner of each of his irises, give him a small circle to represent glare.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 7

Step 7: Crow Hogan has a typical Manga nose; it's thin and pointy. Because he is facing us, all we see of this character's nose is the cast shadow to the left. So below the horizontal construction line, draw a light triangle shape and fill it in. Draw in a dark line on the lower edge of the first construction circle that you drew in Step 1 to create Crow Hogan's mouth. Draw another line below the bottom of the construction circle for his lower lip.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 8

Step 8: Darken in the shape of Crow Hogan's face. Don't darken the upper part of his head yet; you will draw his headband there later. Darken in Crow Hogan's neck and draw some lines within it for structure. Also shade below his chin for a shadow.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 9

Step 9: Tighten the shape of this manga character's ears and draw some curved lines within the shape to simulate the structure inside of his ears.


Draw Crow Hogan Step 10

Step 10: Next draw Crow Hogan's earrings. These can be tricky, but they basically look like hexagon nuts. Draw a ring around Crow Hogan's earlobe, which will hold the hexagon nut shapes. For the nut shapes, use the image above as a guide when drawing.

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