Draw Darth Maul 16

Step 16: Now learn how to draw Darth Maul's facial tattoos. They are a bit challenging to draw, so they've been divided into separate steps. Be patient and take your time as you draw them. First draw the shape around the Sith Lord's eyes. The two points near the middle should almost touch. The points on the bottom should almost touch the sides of the head shape. The top part of the shapes has two points. Use the bottom part of the main circle as a guide for placement.


Draw Darth Maul 17

Step 17: Draw a wavy line inside Darth Maul's nose. On either side of the nose, draw another line that dips down on the cheeks, and then comes up and meets the shape from the last step.


Draw Darth Maul 18

Step 18: In between Darth Maul's nose and the mouth, draw a line similar in shape to the nose. Then make two small hill-like shapes under the nose that then move up to the top of the head around the top horns. Under this Star Wars character's bottom lip, draw two lines that dip in near the middle.


Draw Darth Maul 19

Step 19: Draw a few curved lines that encircle Darth Maul's top three horns. The middle shape comes to a point while the two shapes on the sides have a curve on the bottom and a point at the top. Above each eye shape, draw a tiny shape that points in toward the vertical construction line.


Draw Darth Maul 20

Step 20: Now draw the vertical shapes in the middle of Darth Maul's face using the vertical construction line as a guide. The top line has a diamond, a tiny horizontal line and then two more diamonds. The shape below Darth Maul's lip is similar to a crescent moon and two triangle-like shapes on the sides.

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