Draw Darth Maul 11

Step 11: Now learn how to draw Darth Maul's nose. Draw it sitting on top of the smallest of the horizontal lines. The bottom part of the nose is similar in shape to the letter V. The top ends of the nose curve in a bit. The top of the nose should graze the bottom edge of the main circle.


Draw Darth Maul 12

Step 12: Now learn how to draw Darth Maul's mouth. Draw the Sith Lord's mouth sitting on top of the horizontal line below the nose. The shape of the mouth consists of two curved lines sitting on top of each other to form the open mouth. Under the mouth, draw another smaller curved line to represent this Star Wars character's bottom lip.


Draw Darth Maul 13

Step 13: Inside the mouth, draw a series of small lines to represent the teeth. Darth Maul has terrible teeth, so don't draw the teeth too perfectly. Use crooked lines to represent his bad teeth.


Draw Darth Maul 14

Step 14: Now learn how to draw Darth Maul's ears. Use the curved lines on the sides of his head as guides to draw them. Darken the lines for the ears and make the shapes a bit more angled. Draw a few lines within the evil Sith Lord's ears as detail of the ear structure.


Draw Darth Maul 15

Step 15: Darken the top part of the main circle and the lower arc to make up Darth Maul's head. Be careful not to draw over the horns that are on the sides of his head.

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