How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 15

Step 15: On top of the head, draw two curved lines for the comb over. When you draw the first line, give it some height. Don't draw it too close against Homer's head. Draw another curved line overlapping the first for the other hair strand. Above the ear, draw an angled line that looks like the letter M for the hair on the sides. Darken the initial lines under the head for Homer Simpson's neck.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 16

Step 16: Below the head, draw a series of angled lines for the shirt's collar. Below the mouth, draw a line that's looks like the letter V for the middle of the collar. Extend the line to the right of the neck for the top edge of the collar. On the right, draw a small, rectangular shape for the folded collar. Add a line on the left side too. The entire front of Homer's collar should be similar to a wide letter M.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 17

Step 17: On the bottom, right side of the collar, draw a small, semi-circular shape for the shirt sleeve. The shape is made up of a curved top side and a flat bottom. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape right. Pay attention to the shape's size and position. The resulting shape should be similar to a letter D on its side.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 18

Step 18: Darken the right edge of the initial circle for the first part of Homer Simpson's arm. To the left, draw similar curved line for the arm's other edge. Don't make the arm too thin. On the bottom, right side, where the pant line begins, draw a tiny, U-shaped line for Homer's first finger. Draw two more tiny, U-shaped lines to the left for a total of three fingers. Connect the fingers to the line for the arm on the left side and close off the shape.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 19

Step 19: Darken the line below the collar on the left for the first part of Homer Simpson's torso. Draw a long, curved, horizontal line near the bottom edge of the initial big circle for the bottom of the shirt. Darken the left edge of the circle, but at the bottom, extend the corner farther out. Make the torso a bit wider than the initial circle and don't overlap the shape of the arm. Add an angled line to the right of the arm for a bit of the back portion of the torso.

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