How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 10

Step 10: To the left of Homer Simpson's first eye, draw a curved line for the second eye. This line should be a circle, but the first eye and nose block the edges. The left side of the eye should stick out of the guide a bit. Draw a dot in the middle for the pupil.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 11

Step 11: On the lower, left side of the nose, draw a line that slopes down for the first part of the mouth. Follow the edge of the guide as you draw this line. Then curve it to the right to create the smile. Add an extra bump on the bottom, left side of the line for the top lip. Don't draw Homer Simpson's mouth too far to the right. At the end, draw a tiny line for a smile line.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 12

Step 12: Extend the line for the nose and curve it downward to create the rest of the mouth section. Curve the line around the smile toward the bottom of the initial guide. At the bottom, curve the line back up toward the middle of the smile to give Homer an overbite. At the top of the line, draw an extra bump for Homer Simpson's lower lip.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 13

Step 13: On the right side of the head, below the original circle, draw a small, curved line for Homer Simpson's ear. This line should be similar to a backward letter C. Draw a couple of lines inside the ear for structure.

How to Draw Homer Simpson Full Body 14

Step 14: Darken the top edge of the initial circle to create the shape of Homer Simpson's head. Add an extra bump above the left eye for the brow. Make the top of the head a bit wider than the circle.

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