How to Draw Pichu Pikachu Yellow 6

Step 6: Under the body, draw two angled lines as guides for Pichu's feet. The sides of these lines should be longer than the width of the body. On the left side of the body, draw another angled line as a guide for the tail.

How to Draw Pichu Pikachu Yellow Guides Lines

That's it for the guides! For the next steps, use darker lines for a more defined Pichu drawing.

How to Draw Pichu Pikachu Yellow 7

Step 7: Inside the head, draw two small ovals for Pichu's eyes. Place the eyes directly on top of the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical construction line. Below the horizontal construction line, draw a curved shape similar to the letter D on its side for the open mouth.

How to Draw Pichu Pikachu Yellow 8

Step 8: Inside each eye, near the top, draw a small circle for highlights. Directly on top of where the construction lines meet, draw a tiny triangle and shade it in for Pichu's nose. Inside the open mouth, draw a curved line for the tongue.

How to Draw Pichu Pikachu Yellow 9

Step 9: Use the line on the top, left side of the head as a guide to draw Pichu's first ear. The shape of the ear should be similar to a diamond. The bottom part should be narrow, the middle should be wide and angular and the top should be thin and pointy.

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