Draw Eevee Pokemon 15

Step 15: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the shape of Eevee's head. First draw a series of triangle-like spikes at the top. These triangle-like spikes represent tufts of fur, so make them different sizes. Now darken the basic edge of the initial circle to create the shape of the head. Don't overlap the ear on the left. The left edge of the head should be flatter. When you draw the right edge of the head, be sure to dip the line in toward the eye more so that the head is thinner. The lower, right side of Eevee's head should bulge out a bit more to create the cheek.


Draw Eevee Pokemon 16

Step 16: Draw Eevee's extra-long patch of fur around the neck by using a series of curved lines under the head. The fur is made up of long, curved vertical lines that cover the front part of the body. The fur should extend below the body and overlap the guide for the front leg a bit. The curved lines should come together at the bottom to give the fur pointy tips.

Draw Eevee Pokemon 17

Step 17: Draw the second part of the fur around Eevee's neck as more curved lines on the left side. The left edge should extend into the back portion of this Pokemon's body, and the bottom tips should overlap the front leg a bit. On the top left side of the fur, add a few more short, curved lines for the small patch of fur found there.


Draw Eevee Pokemon 18

Step 18: Use the middle line under the body as a guide to draw Eevee's first front leg. Follow the basic path of the guide as you draw the thick shape of the leg around it. On the tip of the foot, draw a couple of short, curved lines to separate the individual toes.

Draw Eevee Pokemon 19

Step 19: Use the line on the right as a guide to draw the other front leg by using the same technique. Make the shape of the leg thicker as you follow the path of the guide. The top part of the leg will be blocked by Eevee's neck fur.

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