Draw Eevee Pokemon 10

Step 10: Inside each eye, at the top, draw a small circle to represent glare. Outside of each eye, at the top, draw a small line to emphasize Eevee's brow a bit.


Draw Eevee Pokemon 11

Step 11: Draw a small triangle for Eevee's nose right where the two construction lines intersect.

Draw Eevee Pokemon 12

Step 12: Draw a horizontal line under the nose for Eevee's mouth. The ends of the line should curve up a bit. The line should be similar to a wide letter W.


Draw Eevee Pokemon 13

Step 13: Use the lines on top of the head as guides to draw Eevee's ears. Draw a curved line on either side of the guide to create the exterior shape of the ear. The shape of this Pokemon's ear should be pointy at the top, wide in the middle and narrow at the base. Now use the other guide to draw the ear on the right side the same way. Add two curved lines on either side of the guide to create the shape of the ear. Sketch lightly at first. Darken the lines when you get the shape right. Make sure the middle section is wide.

Draw Eevee Pokemon 14

Step 14: Now draw the inside of the ears by first drawing a small M-like shape at the base for the fur. Inside the ear, draw a couple of lines for the inner ear structure. This shape should be similar to the exterior shape of the ear, only smaller. Draw the inner ear structure inside Eevee's other ear the same way. Don't forget the M-shaped fur at the base.

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