Draw Isabella 16

Step 16: Now draw Isabella's bangs on the front as two curved lines above her eyes. Add the inside of the hair on the right side of the face. Draw her face, too, using the initial half circle as a guide.


Draw Isabella 17

Step 17: Finish up drawing Isabella's hair by adding a few curved lines inside the shape as extra detail.


Draw Isabella 18

Step 18: On top of Isabella's head, draw a big bow using a couple of triangle-like lines on the sides and a curved line in the middle.


Draw Isabella 19

Step 19: Now learn how to draw Isabella's legs. Draw the right leg and foot under the body by using the original lines as guides. Thicken up the shape of the leg as you follow the path of the line. Use the oval at the bottom as a guide to draw this Phineas and Ferb character's shoes. Draw a few lines inside the shoe for extra detail and a line near the middle of the leg for the sock.


Draw Isabella 20

Step 20: Draw the left leg the same way. Thicken up the line, then draw the details on the shoe and sock.

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