Draw Isabella 11

Step 11: Draw the arm on the right using the line and circle as guides. Draw a bell-like shape at the top of Isabella's arm for her shirt sleeve. Follow the path of the line and thicken up the shape for her arm. Draw a few curved lines at the bottom of the circle for her fingers.


Draw Isabella 12

Step 12: Now learn how to draw Isabella's dress. Use the big triangle as a guide to draw it. Darken the outline of the triangle for the sides and bottom of the dress. Draw a U-shaped line at the top for the dress collar.


Draw Isabella 13

Step 13: Add the neck under Isabella's head and a small horizontal line inside the neck for the undershirt's collar. Draw the belt inside the shape of the dress using a series of lines and a half circle for the buckle. Add a few small lines under the belt for the pleats on the dress.


Draw Isabella 14

Step 14: Draw the arm on the left side by using the initial line as a guide. Draw the shirt sleeve on the right side of the line. Follow the path of the line as you make the arm thicker. Draw a few curved lines at the ends of the circle for Isabella's fingers and thumb.


Draw Isabella 15

Step 15: Now learn how to draw Isabella's hair. Her hair is a bit trick,y so it's divided into three parts. First draw the top and sides of the hair by following the path of her head at the top and adding long, curved lines on the sides of her body all the way down to her belt.

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