Draw Ferb Step 11

Step 11: Draw in Ferb's shirtsleeves. These begin under his collar, wrap around the guides for his arms and end slightly inside the rectangle shape.


Draw Ferb Step 12

Step 12: Using the guides set earlier, draw in Ferb's arms by fattening up the lines themselves. Make sure to draw his fingers round like little sausages.


Draw Ferb Step 13

Step 13: Ferb wears his shorts up high, so draw the top part of them right below his shirt button. Make his torso part a bit skinnier than the original rectangle and draw the leg portion of his shorts so they end about halfway to his feet.


Draw Ferb Step 14

Step 14: Under the legs of Ferb's shorts, draw in his cuffs as rectangles with rounded corners. Give Ferb a belt, too, by drawing a series of rectangles near the top of his shorts.


Draw Ferb Step 15

Step 15: Tighten the shapes of Ferb's legs by again fattening up the original guides. Inside each of his legs draw two curved horizontal lines for his socks.

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