Draw Ferb Step 6

Step 6: Start by drawing in Ferb's hair, which looks like a toupee that sits on top of his head. Draw his hair as a series of curved spikes of different sizes. Draw about seven curved spikes for Ferb's hair.


Draw Ferb Step 7

Step 7: Add Ferb's nose by drawing a curved line that looks like a wide letter U on its side. Ferb's nose starts slightly inside the main rectangle at the highest horizontal construction line and ends below it.


Draw Ferb Step 8

Step 8: Draw the eye on the left first. Place it a bit higher than where the construction lines meet. Draw the right eye bigger than the left and make sure that it is partially blocked by Ferb's nose. Draw a circle inside each of Ferb's eyes for his pupils and a circle within each of those for glare.


Draw Ferb Step 9

Step 9: Tighten the shape of Ferb's head by tapering the lines inward toward the second construction line. Draw Ferb's ear on the left side as a C-shaped curve and draw a backward "3" inside it to represent the inside of his ear. Draw Ferb's mouth coming out a little to represent a bit of an overbite.


Draw Ferb Step 10

Step 10: To draw Ferb's shirt collar, just darken the horizontal construction line and add a wide W shape beneath it. Draw a circle under the collar for his button.

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