Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 15

Step 15: Draw Mario's mouth below the mustache using a series of curved lines. First draw a U- shaped line for the open mouth. Then add a smaller line inside for the tongue. Draw a smaller curved line outside of the mouth on the lower, right side for the bottom lip.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 16

Step 16: Draw a long curved line above the head for the top part of Mario's hat. First draw a short line above the head to indicate how high the top of the hat will be. Then draw long curved lines on the sides that connect from the sides of the head to the top mark. The line should basically start on the left side above the ear, curve up and to the right and end on the tip of the bill.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 17

Step 17: Draw a curved line right on top of the bill, near the center, for the first part of the logo on Mario's hat. The shape should be similar to an oval with the bottom part missing.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 18

Step 18: Draw the letter M inside the shape to finish the logo on Mario's hat. To make the letter M bold, first draw a regular letter M with a short horizontal line on each "leg." Then draw a smaller letter M under it to make the shape thick and bold.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 19

Step 19: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the shape of Mario's face. Follow the basic path of the edge of the circle but draw the line closer to the eye , then curve out again to create the cheek. Sketch lightly at first, and when you get the shape right, darken the lines. Draw an extra curved line under the bottom lip for the chin. Draw the lower, left side of the face but don't darken the line above the ear.

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