Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 10

Step 10: Under the hat's bill, draw a couple of curved shapes as guides for the eyebrows. Mario's eyebrows are essentially two short, curved lines on top of each other. Don't overlap the eyebrow lines with the lines for the hat's bill. The eyebrows should be behind the bill. Use the vertical construction line as a guide to help you determine the space between the eyebrows.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 11

Step 11: Draw a curved line on the bottom half of the head for Mario's big nose. Use the construction lines as guides for placement. Sketch lightly at first to get the shape right. The end result should be similar to a wide circle or an oval with the top left side missing.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 12

Step 12: Draw a long oval under each eyebrow for Mario's eyes. Sketch lightly at first. Darken the lines only when you get the placement and shapes right. The top parts of the ovals should be behind the eyebrows. The bottom part of the eye on the right should be behind the nose.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 13

Step 13: Inside each eye, draw a smaller oval for the irises. Draw the irises close to the left edge of the eyes. The iris on the right is basically made up of a curved line. Inside each iris, draw an even smaller and thinner oval for Mario's pupils. Try to draw the pupils right in the middle of the irises. Shade the pupils except for a tiny circle at the top of each to represent glare.


Draw Super Mario Bros. Nintendo 14

Step 14: Draw Mario's mustache under the nose using a series of curved lines. First draw a short line on either side of the nose to dictate the length of the mustache. Then connect the lines with a row of short, curved lines for the bottom part of the mustache. The curved lines on the right should be partly hidden by the nose. You should have a total of six small, curved lines that make up Mario's mustache.

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