Draw Donkey Kong Step 16

Step 16: Under the knot, draw a diamond-like shape similar to a kite. On the inside of that shape, draw the letters D and K in bold for Donkey Kong's classic tie.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 17

Step 17: Draw the right arm like the left by drawing a couple of curves around the guide line and W-looking zigzags at the bottom for Donkey Kong's fur.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 18

Step 18: The right hand is clenched into a fist, so it can be complicated to draw. First draw Donkey Kong's thumb as a curved line and then to the right of that draw his bent index finger. Finally, to the left of the thumb, draw three curved lines that represent Donkey Kong's folded fingers.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 19

Step 19: Use the initial lines and circles as guides to draw Donkey Kong's back and leg. Curve his back and butt, widen his leg and add the zigzags at the bottom for his fur.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 20

Step 20: Draw Donkey Kong's foot by drawing a series of semi-circles at the bottom of the oval that get smaller toward the left.

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