Draw Donkey Kong Step 11

Step 11: Draw the rest of Donkey Kong's ear and attach it to the upper left portion of his muzzle. Add a few lines inside the shape as the structure of the inner ear. Draw his nostrils below his eyes using the main circle and its vertical line as guides for the placement. The nostrils of this video game character look like upside-down water drops.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 12

Step 12: Use the top circle as a guide for drawing Donkey Kong's head. At the top of his head, draw a series of curved lines to indicate his tuft of hair.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 13

Step 13: Darken the top part of the circle next to Donkey Kong's ear to create his shoulder. Then, using a series of curved lines that go around the diagonal line, draw in the rest of his arm. Draw some zigzag lines under it to represent where Donkey Kong's fur ends.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 14

Step 14: Using the circle as a guide, draw in Donkey Kong's hand with his fingers pointing back. Draw curves on the bottom to indicate his knuckles and the pinky curling back.


Draw Donkey Kong Step 15

Step 15: Next to Donkey Kong's ear, draw a line for the tie around his neck. Under his chin, draw a few more lines to represent the knot, and to the left of that a couple of curved lines create his chest.

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