How to Draw Zelda Step 11

Step 11: Zelda's crown is tricky, so this section about how to draw Zelda's crown is divided into three parts. First draw the jewel, which is basically an elongated hexagon. On the bottom of the jewel, draw a shape similar to a thick letter V with pointed tips.


How to Draw Zelda Step 12

Step 12: On the sides of that V shape, draw a series of curves that end in points that curve downward. Make this shape has a long, narrow base that descends in between Zelda's eyebrows. Use the image above for further reference when drawing.


How to Draw Zelda Step 13

Step 13: Drawing the rest of Zelda's crown is easy because it's basically leaves that wrap around her head. The leaf size goes from big in the middle to smaller at the sides. Draw a few lines within them for extra detail, and only draw two on the left side as the remaining leaves are hidden behind Zelda's head.


How to Draw Zelda Step 14

Step 14: This section about how to draw Zelda's hair is also split into two parts. First draw the main shape of her hair by drawing a wavy line above the top part of the original “egg” shape. Then draw vertical lines for the rest of the hair, one below the ear to represent the back of the hair and two on either side of her face for her locks.


How to Draw Zelda Step 15

Step 15: Draw a series of curved lines on the top portion of this video game character's hair to indicate where it splits. Draw more curved lines inside the two locks that come in front of her shoulders to represent the pieces of cloth holding them together.

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