How to Draw Zelda Step 6

Step 6: Darken in the shape of Zelda's eyes to give her thick eyelashes. When drawing the eyelashes, draw them pointier at the upper corners. Also draw a small curve above each of her eyes to represent Zelda's eyelids.


How to Draw Zelda Step 7

Step 7: Finish drawing Zelda's eyes by drawing a series of three circles, one inside the other, that will represent her iris, pupil and glare. Shade in the pupil.


How to Draw Zelda Step 8

Step 8: Above each eye, draw a thick angled line similar to an upside-down check mark for Zelda's eyebrows.


How to Draw Zelda Step 19

Step 9: Now draw this video game character's nose, which is a line that starts at the middle horizontal guide line. It points outward, then curves up to meet the left eyebrow. On the right side of that line, draw two tiny curved lines, one vertical and one horizontal, to create Zelda's nostril.


How to Draw Zelda Step 10

Step 10: Using the lower of the horizontal construction lines as a guide, draw Zelda's mouth. Her upper lip is similar to an elongated letter M. Zelda's lower lip is a curved line similar to a wide letter U.

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