How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 11

Step 11: Under the dress, draw two short lines for Peppa Pig's legs. At the end of each leg, draw a thin, long shape and shade it in for the shoes. The shoes should be a little bit thicker on the left sides and thinner on the right sides.


How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 12

Step 12: To the right of the dress, on the bottom, draw a curly line for Peppa Pig's tail. The tail should curve in the middle and form a loop.

How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 13

Step 13: Go over the lines using color pencils, markers or crayons. For a better look, LIGHTLY erase some of your pencil lines so that the colors don't smudge the graphite. Use pink for Peppa Pig's head, arms, legs and tail. Red for the dress and black for the shoes and pupils.


How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon

Final Step: Color your Peppa Pig drawing using color pencils markers or crayons. Use light pink for the head. The inside of the mouth should be black. Use dark pink or hot pink to add a circle to the cheek for blush. Use red for the dress.

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