How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 6

Step 6: Below the current shapes, draw a big, curved line for the rest of Peppa Pig's head. This curved line should almost be a circle. Look how far down the lower edge of the head is from Peppa's eyes.


How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 7

Step 7: On top of Peppa Pig's head, draw two thin, short arcs for her ears. The first ear should be directly above the eye on the right, and the other ear should be farther down on the right.

How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 8

Step 8: On the lower half of Peppa Pig's head, near the left side, draw a shape that's similar to a crescent moon for the open mouth.


How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 9

Step 9: Add Peppa Pig's dress by first drawing two long, curved vertical lines under the head, on the sides. At the bottom, connect these lines using a long, horizontal line for the bottom edge of the dress.


How to Draw Peppa Pig Cartoon 10

Step 10: On the left side of the body, at the top, draw a line that slopes upward for Peppa Pig's waving arm. At the top, draw two short lines for the fingers. On the right side of the body, draw another line that slopes down for Peppa's other arm. Don't forget the small lines for the fingers at the end!

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