Draw Star-Lord 11

Step 11: Under each C-shaped section on the sides of Star-Lord's helmet, draw three small but long, oval-like shapes. The shapes should have somewhat of a diagonal orientation. Darken a bit of the side guide too.


Draw Star-Lord 12

Step 12: Draw the top part of the piston-like shapes on the sides of Star-Lord's helmet. The shapes are similar to cylinders with a line inside of them and a smaller cylinder on top. These shapes should be right along the edge of the initial U-shaped guide line.


Draw Star-Lord 13

Step 13: Now draw a series of lines for the outermost section of Star-Lord's helmet. The lines at the bottom should connect to the small cylinder shapes from the previous step.


Draw Star-Lord 14

Step 14: Now add the bottom part of the piston-like section of Star-Lord's helmet by drawing two diagonal lines on each side. Draw another thinner section above each of the lines. Pay attention to the placement of all these shapes. Use the initial lines as guides to help. In this case, notice that the piston-like shapes follow the basic path of the initial U-shaped guide.


Draw Star-Lord 15

Step 15: Draw the tips of the cylinders as triangle-like shapes with an oval at the front. Inside each of these ovals, draw a small rectangle. The two small rectangles should almost touch.

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