Draw Star-Lord 6

Step 6: Darken the initial circles to create the eyes on Star-Lord's mask. Add an extra circle outside each of the original circles to make the eyes thicker.


Draw Star-Lord 7

Step 7: Star-Lord's mask is quite complicated, so it's divided piece by piece. First draw the metallic section above the eyes as a long, wavy rectangular shape. Pay attention to the length and thickness of it.


Draw Star-Lord 8

Step 8: Now draw a portion of the helmet that covers Star-Lord's forehead. This piece is also kind of similar to a rectangle, but it's wider and there's a spike near the middle. Add two lines within the shapes for extra detail.


Draw Star-Lord 9

Step 9: Draw the side sections of Star-Lord's helmet that are closest to the eyes. These shapes curve and are a bit similar to a thick letter C. Notice that the bottoms of these shapes curve in the same direction as the initial main circle. Try to make these shapes symmetrical on either side. Everything you do on one side, try to to do equally on the other for symmetry.


Draw Star-Lord 10

Step 10: Now add the other section of the side of Star-Lord's helmet as a line that follows the path of the original circle guide and spikes at the top. The top spike on each side should extend slightly outside the initial main circle.

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