Draw Steve Minecraft 11

Step 11: Draw a line on top of Steve's head for his hair. The line should be placed between the eyes and the top edge of the main square.


Draw Steve Minecraft 12

Step 12: Darken the initial square to create the shape of Steve's head.

Draw Steve Minecraft 13

Step 13: Draw a line through the middle of the rectangle on the right side to create the arm's division. On top of the rectangle, draw a shape similar to a diamond for the top plane of Steve's arm.


Draw Steve Minecraft 14

Step 14: Darken the outer edges of the rectangle to create the outside of Steve's arm. Draw a line near the bottom for the shirt's sleeve.

Draw Steve Minecraft 15

Step 15: Use the rectangle under Steve's head as a guide to draw the torso. Darken the edges of the shape but add a zigzag line on the bottom right. Under Steve's head, draw a small shape for the shirt's collar.

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