Draw Scorpion 11

Step 11: Draw a rectangular shape in the middle, under the second set of shapes along with another set of lines on either side of Scorpion's face. Pay attention to the small shapes that these lines are creating between one another.


Draw Scorpion 12

Step 12: Draw the last small shape in the middle with the sets of lines on the sides. Use the curvature of the initial arc shape as a guide to draw the bottom of Scorpion's mask.


Draw Scorpion 13

Step 13: Add the top part of Scorpion's mask by drawing a spear-like shape on top, between the eyes. This shape is similar to the weapon that comes out of his hand. The top point of the spear should reach just above the middle of the initial circle.


Draw Scorpion 14

Step 14: Draw a pointy shape that extends toward the outside of Scorpion's head, then curves up on either side of the spear-like shape. Then draw a line under each shape to surround the eyes. This creates the opening of the mask.


Draw Scorpion 15

Step 15: Use the initial circle as a guide to draw the top part of Scorpion's hood. Follow the basic path of the circle as you darken the lines and make the head narrower. Draw a few lines within the shape of the head to represent the shape of the head under the hood.

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