Draw Scorpion 6

Step 6: Draw a thick, angled line shape on top of each eye for Scorpion's furrowed eyebrows. The  eyebrows should come to a point on the sides. Use quick, short strokes to draw the bushy eyebrows.


Draw Scorpion 7

Step 7: Darken the football shapes and make them more angled to create Scorpion's eyes. Don't draw anything inside the eye, as this Mortal Kombat character doesn't have any pupils. Draw a few lines around the eyes for the wrinkles.


Draw Scorpion 8

Step 8: The mask drawn here is one of the many variations that Scorpion has worn throughout the years. It's a bit tricky, so it's divided into five steps. First draw a shape similar to an octagon with the lower side missing. Place this shape right below the lower edge of the main circle. Draw a small rectangular shape above it, right between the eyes.


Draw Scorpion 9

Step 9: Now draw the top section of Scorpion's mask by using initial arc and the curvature of the initial circle as a guide. The top of the mask is basically a set of curved lines on top of each other and on either side of the face. Try to make the two sides the same for symmetry.


Draw Scorpion 10

Step 10: Next draw a trapezoid-like shape in the middle under the first set of shapes. Then draw another set of lines on either side of Scorpion's face. Notice that the lines have a thick portion on the outer ends.

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