Draw Clawdeen Wolf 21

Step 21: Finish up Clawdeen Wolf's hair by drawing a few curved lines and spikes on either side of the head. There is a single curved spike on the left side along with a long wavy line. There should be two curved spikes on the right side, but they should be small.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 22

Step 22: That’s it! You now have a nice sketch of Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High. You can stop at this quick drawing for a rough, sketchy look, or continue to the step below to go for a more finished look.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 23

Step 23: For a more finished, inked look, carefully draw over the final sketch lines with a pen or marker. Wait for the ink to dry, and then erase all of the pencil marks. You now have a finished inked drawing of Clawdeen Wolf! You can stop here or go to the final step to complete your Clawdeen drawing in its entirety.


How to Draw Clawdeen Wolf

Final Step: For a completely finished Clawdeen Wolf drawing, you have to color it. You can use anything you want: markers, color pencils or even crayons! Color her hair dark brown and her skin light brown. The earrings, studs on the choker and necklace are yellow along with her eyes. Clawdeen Wolf's eye shadow is purple ,and her lips are pink. The choker and jacket are black, but the jacket's collar is gray. Her shirt is pink with black stripes. That’s it! You now have a completed drawing of Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High.

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