Draw Clawdeen Wolf 16

Step 16: Back to the hair! Draw a short curved line on the top left side of Clawdeen Wolf's head for the top left part of her hair. Next draw a longer line on the right side for the other side of her hair. This line should be wavy and form a point with the line drawn earlier.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 17

Step 17: Darken the triangle-like shapes on Clawdeen Wolf's head but make them curve more to create the ears. On either ear, draw a few curved lines to indicate her earrings.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 18

Step 18: Create Clawdeen Wolf's jacket collar by drawing a few curved lines under her neck. These lines form three spikes on the outer portion of each collar. Darken the lines for the shoulders too.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 19

Step 19: Add Clawdeen Wolf's necklace on her chest by drawing a couple of ovals inside each other. Connect the ovals to the neck by drawing a couple of lines.


Draw Clawdeen Wolf 20

Step 20: Draw a couple of curved lines between the ears for the top part of Clawdeen Wolf's hair. Draw a big curved spike on the left side and a smaller one on the right side.

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