Draw Vegeta 16

Step 16: Now learn how to draw Vegeta's hair. Drawing Vegeta's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into two steps. First draw the left side of his hair by starting a line on the left side of the neck, under the ear. Draw a the hair by using a series of angled lines to create the spikes. Make the spikes bigger as they move up to the top of Vegeta's head. Finish up by drawing the left side of the top spike high above the head.


Draw Vegeta 17

Step 17: Draw the other side of Vegeta's spiky hair by continuing the line. Finish the top spike first. Draw the rest of the spikes on the right side of Vegeta's head and make them smaller the farther down they are. The line for the hair ends on the right side of the head under the ear.


Draw Vegeta 18

Step 18: Use the C-shaped arc on the left side of the head as a guide to draw Vegeta's ear. Darken the path of the line and make it a bit more angular. Draw a few curved lines within the shape to give Vegeta's ear its structure.


Draw Vegeta 19

Step 19: If you'd like, you you can skip the next three steps and just draw Vegeta's other ear just like you drew the left ear. Otherwise, draw the scouter over his eye and ear. Drawing this gets a bit tricky, so it's divided into three steps. First draw a rectangle-like shape over the eye on the left.


Draw Vegeta 20

Step 20: Now draw the section that connects Vegeta's eyepiece to the earpiece. This shape is also similar to a rectangle. Draw a few lines within the shape for extra detail.

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