Draw Vegeta 11

Step 11: Darken the shape of Vegeta's mouth. Inside the mouth, on the top edge, draw a curved line for Vegeta's top row of teeth.


Draw Vegeta 12

Step 12: Draw a couple of curved lines that line the inside bottom and sides of the mouth for Vegeta's bottom row of teeth. Draw a small line at the top for the tongue.


Draw Vegeta 13

Step 13: Use the initial shapes as guides to draw Vegeta's head. Darken the sides of the head as you follow the path of the guides. For the top of the head, use the vertical construction line as a guide to draw Vegeta's big widow's peak.


Draw Vegeta 14

Step 14: Draw a few lines throughout Vegeta's face for extra detail. A few lines above and between the eyebrows give the appearance of a furrowed brow. Lines below the eye and around the mouth give Vegeta a more intense facial expression. He might even be yelling, "It's over 9,000!"


Draw Vegeta 15

Step 15: Use the lines under Vegeta's head as guides to draw his neck. Vegeta is a Saiyan, so he's very strong. Draw a few lines within the shape of the neck to show the strong neck muscles.

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