Draw Pinkie Pie 16

Step 16: Finish drawing Pinkie Pie’s mane by continuing the line and drawing it up toward the bottom of her ear as you add three more bumps along the way. Pinkie Pie’s mane basically surrounds her head, and the bumps make the mane puffier.


Draw Pinkie Pie 17

Step 17: Now learn how to draw Pinkie Pie’s legs. Use the lines on the left side as guides to draw her front legs. Follow the basic path of the lines as you make her legs thicker. Sketch lightly at first and only darken the lines when you get the structure right.


Draw Pinkie Pie 18

Step 18: Do the same thing to draw Pinkie Pie’s back legs. Follow the path of the line and thicken up the shape of the leg. On the left side of the leg, draw a similar line to indicate the hind leg on the other side.


Draw Pinkie Pie 19

Step 19: Now learn how to draw Pinkie Pie’s tail. Like her mane, Pinkie Pie’s tail is a bit tricky, so it's divided into two parts. First draw the top part of the tail by following the basic path of the tail guide and drawing a series of bumps to create the puffy shape.


Draw Pinkie Pie 20

Step 20: Then draw the bottom part of Pinkie Pie’s tail the same way. Follow the path of the guide line and add a couple of bigger bumps to finish her tail.

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