Draw Pinkie Pie 11

Step 11: Inside each of Pinkie Pie’s eyes, draw another oval behind the glare and shade it in for the pupil. Leave a tiny circle at the bottom of each pupil unshaded for more glare. Draw another line on the left side of each pupil for Pinkie Pie’s irises.


Draw Pinkie Pie 12

Step 12: On the top right side of Pinkie Pie’s head, draw a pointy arc for the ear. Draw a line within the shape to give the ear more structure. Follow the path of the main circle and draw a line above the eye on the left and under the mouth for Pinkie Pie’s face.


Draw Pinkie Pie 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw Pinkie Pie’s mane. Her mane is a bit tricky to draw, so it's divided into four parts. First draw the front part of the mane with a line that starts at the ear and moves across the head in a series of bumps, and then ends on the left side of the face.


Draw Pinkie Pie 14

Step 14: Now draw the top part of Pinkie Pie’s mane by continuing the line and adding more bumps to the top. Notice the difference in sizes of the bumps. The line should end close to the top of Pinkie Pie’s ear.


Draw Pinkie Pie 15

Step 15: Draw the right side of Pinkie Pie’s mane by continuing the line and adding three more bumps on the right side of her neck. This line should end within Pinkie Pie’s torso, and the bumps should get gradually smaller.

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