Draw Anais Watterson 11

Step 11: Tighten the shape of Anais' mouth by using the initial arc as a guide. At the top of the guide, draw a sort of flat oval shape for where you will draw Anais' muzzle and nose. Then darken the line under that shape to create Anais' open mouth.


Draw Anais Watterson 12

Step 12: At the top of the small oval-like shape above Anais' mouth, draw a small curved line for her nose. Then draw a small line under it that splits the muzzle in half. Draw a square-like shape under the muzzle for Anais' big tooth in front. Draw a curved line at the bottom for her tongue.


Draw Anais Watterson 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw the big eyes of this character from Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball. Use the initial arcs as guides to draw them. Simply darken the line of the arcs and close the line underneath the arcs to create the ovals for her eyes. Inside each eye, draw another oval and shade it in for Anais' pupils.


Draw Anais Watterson 14

Step 14: Above each eye, draw a small shape for Anais' eyebrows. Her eyebrows should be very close to the edge of the original oval. On the side of each each eye, draw a three small lines for her eyelashes.


Draw Anais Watterson 15

Step 15: Use the initial shape of the original oval as a guide to draw Anais' head. Darken the oval, but when you get to the top right side, dip the line in toward the eye and then back out again to create Anais' big cheeks.

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