Draw Anais Watterson 6

Step 6: Under Anais Watterson's head, draw a small trapezoid as a guide for the first part of the body. The trapezoid is similar to a triangle with the top cut off. This character from Cartoon Network's The Amazing World of Gumball is small, so don't draw this shape too big. Its height should be about the size of the lower half of the original oval.


Draw Anais Watterson 7

Step 7: Draw a line on either side of Anais' body as guides for the arms. The line on the right should curve up, while the line on the right should point down and be angled near the end. Draw a small oval at the end of each line as guides for when you learn how to draw Anais' hands later on.


Draw Anais Watterson 8

Step 8: Below the body, draw a square-like shape as the first part of the guide for Anais' feet. Anais has tiny feet, especially when compared to her head, so don't draw this shape too big.


Draw Anais Watterson 9

Step 9: Draw a line in the middle of the square-like shape to split Anais' legs in two. At the bottom, on either side of the shape, draw two curved lines as guides for the ends of her feet.


Draw Anais Watterson 10

Step 10: That’s it for the initial sketch! You have learned how to draw Anais' basic shape. Now go in and tighten your drawing. When learning how to draw Anais from this point on, press harder with your pencil in order to get darker lines and a more defined sketch.

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