Draw Smurfette 16

Step 16: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's dress. Use the initial shapes under Smurfette's head as guides to draw her dress and darken the lines of the guide on the sides. When you draw the bottom of this girl Smurf's dress, follow the basic path of the oval as you draw a few curved lines to indicate the frills and wakes of the cloth on the dress.


Draw Smurfette 17

Step 17: Draw the detail inside Smurfette's dress by using a few simple shapes. Draw a U-shaped arc under her head as the top of the dress. Then draw drop-like shapes at the bottom of the dress for the pattern.


Draw Smurfette 18

Step 18: Use the initial lines and circle as guides to draw Smurfette's arm on the right. Follow the path of the line and widen the shape to create the female Smurf's arm. Draw Smurfette's hand and arms by thickening up those guide lines as well.


Draw Smurfette 19

Step 19: Draw a few curved lines inside the shape of the hair as extra detail. Draw a couple of lines on the right side behind the arm to indicate the right side of the hair.


Draw Smurfette 20

Step 20: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's legs and feet. Follow the basic path of the line on the bottom left as you thicken it to create her slightly bent leg. At the end, use the oval as a guide to draw her big, clunky shoe and shoe opening. Draw a small square-like shape on the left of the female Smurf's shoe for the heel.

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