Draw Smurfette 11

Step 11: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's eyes. Darken the ovals for her eyes except for the middle portion. Draw a curved line at the top of each oval for her eyelids. At the outer edge of each eyelid, draw three small, curved lines for her eyelashes. Inside each eye, draw a small oval for this Smurf's pupils and shade it in.


Draw Smurfette 12

Step 12: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's mouth. Use the initial D shape as a guide to draw it. Make the top line longer and have it curl up more. Inside the Smurf's mouth, draw a small curved line for her tongue.


Draw Smurfette 13

Step 13: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's arms. Draw the arm on the left side by using the initial shapes as guides. Follow the basic path of the guide as you thicken up the shape to create the bent arm. Draw a circle at the top for her shoulder and dress strap. Use the circle as a guide to draw her hand. Draw a few curved lines on the lower left side for her this female Smurf's folded back fingers.


Draw Smurfette 14

Step 14: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's hair. Start drawing the hair inside the main oval. The top part curves over her eyes, and the part on the left curves down to her shoulder. The top part of her hair is a tall arc that starts on the top right side of Smurfette's head and ends above her head. The back of her hair is actually on the left side, and it arches out, then in toward the hand on the left.


Draw Smurfette 15

Step 15: Now learn how to draw Smurfette's hat. The hat is composed of mainly of different-sized curved lines. First draw the base or bottom part of the girl Smurf's hat that connects the top of her hair with the side. Then draw a long arc that curves toward the top of her hair, and then comes back down to form the bent point of the hat. Finally draw a few small lines under the point of the hat to connect it to the top of Smurfette's hair.

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